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Nitin Jairam Gadkari  pronunciation ; (born 27 May 1957) is an Indian politician and the current Minister for Road Transport & HighwaysShipping and Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation in the Government of India. Gadkari earlier served as the President of the Bharatiya Janata Party from 2010-2013. He is also known for the works during his tenure as a Public Works Department Minister in the state of Maharashtra when he constructed a series of roads, highways and flyovers across the state including the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, India's first six-lane concrete, high-speed, access controlled tolled expressway.

Background and education

Nitin Gadkari was born in Nagpur, India to Jairam Gadkari and Bhanutai Gadkari. During his teens, he worked for the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha and the student union Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad. He completed M.Com. and L.L.B. from University of Nagpur.


S/o|D/o|W/o: Gadkari Jairam Ramchandra
Age: 56
Address: Upadhye Road, Mahal, Nagpur-327

Details of Criminal Cases

Cases where charges framed

Serial No. IPC Sections Applicable Other Details / Other Acts / Sections Applicable
---------No Cases--------

Cases where Cognizance taken

Serial No. IPC Sections Applicable Other Details / Other Acts / Sections Applicable
1   Sec. 135 B. P. Act, Sum.Case No. 4806/09, Date 9.04.2009 ,Judicial Magistrate First Class-1 Court no.15 Nagpur
2 143, 341 Sec. 135 B. P. Act, Sum.Case No. 392/05, Date 28.06.2005, JMFC Court No.10, Nagpur
3 143, 186, 448, 506 Sum.Case No. 56/86,Date 10.03.1986, JMFC Court No.3 Nagpur,(U/S 506(no charge framed)) (Charges not yet framed and case is fixed for awaiting summons)
4 188 Sec. 134 B. P. Act, Sum.Case No.1173/09,Date 14.09.2009(Hearing), JMFC At Parshioni ,Dist.Nagpur


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